A review of Dimitra Goula’s books “Beauty Elixirs” and “What flavour do your cosmetics have?” that was posted on the very interesting beauty blog sistersbeaute.gr… Read about it here!

Beauty books by Dimitra Goula | Dioptra Publications

Our love for natural beauty recipes is very well known. Moreover, we especially love the idea of making our own cosmetics, economically, with ingredients that we have in our kitchen. And besides being creative, we can provide the best care for our skin as well. So when we got hold of Dimitra Goula’s two books (Dioptra publications), on the subject of beauty care with pure, natural ingredients, we were indescribably happy. On today’s post, we can have a look at these books together…

We don’t need to recommend Dimitra Goula and her natural cosmetics, as we’ve already spoken about this here. Dimitra Goula is a beautician who specialises in natural beauty therapies, and also botany, aromatherapy, classical aesthetics and cosmetology.

She runs her own beauty institute, the Dimitra Goula Boutique Institute in the centre of Athens, and she has written two books, namely, ”What flavour do your cosmetics have?” and ”Beauty Elixirs”.

What flavour do your cosmetics have?

Author: Dimitra Goula

Publisher: Dioptra

Category: Health – Diet

First edition: February 2013

Number of pages: 248


The book that you are holding is a non-commercial book. It is a comprehensive guide that will not direct you to the stores and multi-national cosmetic companies, but will instead introduce you to the magic of natural beauty.

The fruit, the herbs, the essential oils, the sea water and olive oil, are just a few of the secrets that Greek nature generously offers us.

When I go on holiday, I take very few standard cosmetics with me, because I know that wherever I go I will find nature’s pure and effective recipes: thyme (antiseptic), oregano (toner), olive oil (sunscreen), lemon (softener). I can do a peeling with semolina and honey or with sand and seawater, and I can make hundreds of other cosmetics from ingredients that can be found everywhere around us and are completely free!

For many years, I have seen women who have become lost in the labyrinth of advertising, and are under pressure both financially and psychologically to purchase all of these products that are promoted as necessary, and are considered as important to maintain health, and youthful looking skin: eye creams, day creams, night creams, body lotions, serums, sunscreen, after sun lotion…

With these beauty recipes made from natural ingredients, I am addressing all women, so as to share my knowledge and to help them to relieve themselves from consumer stress.

I will show you how simple it is to combine ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, and to make your own cosmetics, easily, quickly, and above all, healthily and economically.


Author: Dimitra Goula

Publisher: Dioptra

Category: Health – Diet

First edition: April 2009

Number of pages: 232


Did you know that… a small amount of espresso coffee can reduce cellulite and localised fat? That chocolate can be helpful for slimming? That red wine, beer and champagne can become brilliant beauty filters?

These, and many other beauty secrets, are revealed to us by the well-known beautician Dimitra Goula, after having ‘listened’ to the needs of modern women, and she recommends cosmetics that do not contain chemical ingredients, but are based on natural ingredients that can be found in every home.

Make your own ecological, economical, and effective cosmetics.

Make nature your ally… nature has already shown us how generous it can be!

Both books are about beauty recipes and beauty care, and are based on pure, natural ingredients. These books will make you want to pamper and take care of yourself with the best ingredients, and to try to live a healthier lifestyle.

They are completely analytical, describing in detail the preparation methods used for making the cosmetics, and you will find many recipes for all the needs of your skin. They are pleasant to read, and by referring to the contents section, you can easily and quickly find the recipe that you are interested in.

We were pleasantly impressed by how carefully written they are, and that there are so many beauty recipes, and as a result, they cover the diversity of each woman’s needs according to the problems that she faces at specific periods of time.
The difference in the content of the two books is that in ”What flavour do your cosmetics have?”, you will find detailed recipes based as per ingredient. Recipes with ingredients that can be found in the kitchen, in the garden or from the grocery store, and with ingredients sold at organic stores. In addition to the many recipes, this book provides useful information on the history, the nutritional value and the effect of each ingredient.

In ”Beauty Elixirs” you will find beauty recipes targeted to specific needs and on how to deal with them. You will find lots of recipes, and advice and tips for the skin, face, eyes, lips, hair, body and hands, and much more.
Therefore, in a way, we could say that one book complements the other, but they are two actual beauty guides, that are joined by a common denominator, namely, the magic that has been given to us so generously by nature. The result is that we can easily, quickly, economically, and most importantly healthily, make our cosmetics on our own at home.
Dimitra Goula’s books are distributed by Dioptra publications. You can find further information at dioptra.gr and on their Facebook page.

You can find Dimitra Goula at dimitragoula.gr and on her Facebook page.

We hope that through this post we have made you want to discover the natural beauty recipes that Dimitra recommends. Seriously, how does the idea of making your own cosmetics seem to you? Don’t forget to give us your impressions.