Acne is not only a problem for teenagers but also for adults. In addition to the generalized super-function of sebaceous glands (oiliness) and stress, poor nutrition and hormonal disorders are parameters associated with acne. The lesions it causes (pimples, rashes, inflammation) usually appear on the face, but can also be seen on the back or anywhere else in the body. The natural treatments and holistic products of Dimitra Goula Boutique Institute have demonstrated at a depth of 20 years of their successful application their effectiveness at all stages and levels of acne. In a completely natural way we apply a personalized holistic treatment program that first treats inflammation, then regulates the production of sebum and comedones and eventually eliminates any remaining scars and scars.

We understand that people who are dealing with acne have tried many classical and alternative treatments without any significant results and that is why they now come to us, very wary and disappointed. Working for 20 years on this issue with a holistic approach and having complete confidence in the results of our treatments and products for acne, we want to inform you that our holistic products are not combined with other conventional cosmetics, because their effectiveness is reduced.

Acne – staph
staphylococcus is a natural skin bacterium, which all people have and pro grows and infects, when the body’s natural defense falls. In classical medical treatments using antiseptic and astringent cosmetics, the specific bacteria are killed, as well as many other skin protective bacteria.

The holistic treatment strengthens the skin’s natural defense against microbes, promoting the balance of natural pH and natural bacteria so that the skin balances its flora and does not develop infectious lesions, pimples (infectious, cystic, phagocytic acne).

Our treatment simultaneously improves skin regeneration so it can fully heal red and raised acne scars, while regulating excess sebum secretion and shrinking enlarged pores.

We do not recommend that you buy a single product because you will not get the result you want and that we know we can give you.
If you are unable to purchase the entire range, we recommend that you start your treatment by trying a range of 9 samples that include the complete range of remedies (worth €30) so that you can feel the full action of the treatment at home.

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