Acne is not only a problem for teenagers but also for adults. In addition to the generalized super-function of sebaceous glands (oiliness) and stress, poor nutrition and hormonal disorders are parameters associated with acne. The lesions it causes (pimples, rashes, inflammation) usually appear on the face, but can also be seen on the back or anywhere else in the body. The natural treatments and holistic products of Dimitra Goula Boutique Institute have demonstrated at a depth of 20 years of their successful application their effectiveness at all stages and levels of acne. In a completely natural way we apply a personalized holistic treatment program that first treats inflammation, then regulates the production of sebum and comedones and eventually eliminates any remaining scars and scars.

Recommended Treatments

  • Acupuncture

  • Cryotherapy

  • Deep Facial Cleansing without leaving any scars

  • Deep facial peeling

  • Express phytopeeling

Recommended Products

  • Anti-acne lotion – 120ml

    with potato tincture and lavender

  • Enzyme peeling – 120ml

    with papaya and agar agar

  • Face Cleansing Soap for acne – 120ml

    with aloe vera and lavender

  • Facial multi-mask 5 in 1 – 120gr

    with metals and trace elements

  • Facial serum for regulating oiliness and tightening skin pores – 30ml

    with lavender, thyme and peppermint

  • Light sunscreen for face SPF 30 – 60ml

    with coconut extract and vanilla

  • Lightweight face cream for oily skin – 60ml

    with aloe, lavender and vit. B

  • Topical, antiseptic serum for pimples – 15ml

    with tea tree and lavender