I didn’t know Dimitra, although she is well known in the media from her television appearances, and from the articles that she writes about natural cosmetics. And even though her clients include celebrities in the show-business, she keeps a low profile. I received an e-mail one afternoon from Dioptra publications about the presentation of her new book, and this was a good opportunity to meet her and for her to honour us with the presentation of her first piece of literary work. She was very approachable, modest, and polite, and she welcomed me to her institute in Ambelokipous, as if I had known her for ages. She doesn’t pretend to be… because she just is, natural and genuine, just like her cosmetics. She has two secrets: love from the heart and knowledge from the mind. This is what led her to write her book “Beauty Elixirs” which she presents to us.

Elias Koumpounis

Dimitra, what was your first experience in the field of aesthetics?

From as long as I can remember, I wanted to become a beautician!! I never gave a second thought to other professions. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the field of aesthetics from a very young age. Due to my father’s profession, we lived in large hotels that provided face and body care services. I would sneak into the hotel beauty salons and beg them to let me help!! And in the end they would.

You’re a beautician, a new writer, you present your work through television programmes…describe a day in your everyday life.

My life is very intertwined with my work. In the morning I do all the filming for the television programmes or I write articles for the magazines I work with. I work at my institute daily from 1 to 8, which really pleases me because my work area is completely tailored to my personal taste. My relationships with the majority of my clients after so many years have developed into personal and meaningful friendships, which makes my working hours productive and enjoyable for me. My personal life starts after 8…

What was it that prompted you to write “Beauty Elixirs”?

Generally, I always studied aesthetics and wrote articles about each problem that affects a modern woman’s image. At the same time, I did weekly programmes about natural cosmetics, and I also wrote articles about this subject in magazines. At some point, I started receiving phone calls from the viewers and the readers who wanted to know where they could find all these recipes – tips gathered in one place. I had planned on writing a completely different kind of book, but the interest from the public gave birth to the “Beauty Elixirs”, a potpourri of texts with general beauty tips and advice along with many natural recipes.

What was your best moment on your journey up to the point of completing the writing of your book? And which was the most difficult?

The best part was all of the journey. I felt very excited and creative. There wasn’t a difficult moment.

What is the public’s response to your book and what impressions have you gained so far?

The public was waiting for this book long before it was published!! My impression and my assessment is that people have turned or want to turn back to a more natural way of life, whether this means by eating more healthily, or by using natural cosmetics.

Why would a professional beautician by your book? What would it offer to the development of her business and to the interaction with her clients?

“Beauty Elixirs” is a personal study through my experience in applied aesthetics, and a completely ecological therapeutic approach in terms of face and body problems. Unfortunately, although the science of aesthetics covers an extensive range of subjects, it doesn’t cover this material. With regards to the development of an institute’s business, it is quite remarkable how a beautician can reduce her costs by making a wide range of cosmetic products on her own, easily and inexpensively. Clients are enthusiastic with the visible results of ecological therapies and they also acknowledge the sincere love that a beautician has for her work.

What are your next steps as a writer?

I already have material ready for another 2 books. I believe that a book is the highest recognition for every professional in his field, so at the moment I’m not thinking about my next publication because I want to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that my first book has given me.

A return to our grandmothers’ traditional recipes. Is it a necessity, the fashion, or a desire to return to the past? What is the profile of today’s woman who chooses natural cosmetics for her skin?

Our grandmothers just new about the power of nature. I think that people feel the need to go back to nature. Our lives are full of stress, the atmosphere is burdened, and the food we eat is controversial, so it’s understandable that people are looking for ways so as not to burden their bodies any further, either by using synthetic creams or by anything else. The profile of the woman who chooses to use natural cosmetics, is a woman who is self-explored, ecologically conscious, and who thinks about the economic and ecological benefit of her choice.

What advice would you give to young beauticians entering into the work market?

Aesthetics is not only a science but an art. They should be imaginative so that they can advance aesthetics a step further than the protocols defined in books. They should be honest and sincere with their clients.

How has the economic crisis affected the profession of aesthetics?

Fortunately, any profession that has to do with women has been affected less by the economic crisis. Greek women like to look good. They will look after their appearance no matter what. And as beauticians, we of course know how to support women so that they can take care of their beauty without finding themselves in economic difficulty.

What is your wildest dream that you haven’t accomplished yet?

I usually achieve whatever I dream of before it becomes a wild dream!! There aren’t any wild dreams for me. Dreams are goals, that sooner or later will be realised.

What trends do you think will develop in the next few years in the field of aesthetics and beauty?

The tendency is towards being natural. Whatever that may be…

What is the beauty secret of the modern woman?



Interview for VIVERE magazine