After 15 years of presence on TV ,after having attended numerous gala and social events, and after infinite travels by airplanes ,it goes without saying that, year by year my fresh face looks like a raisin, so I really need a good treatment and more specifically, specialized, professional treatment! In other words, I need Dimitra’s golden hands! I met Dimitra during my TV show at Star –OLA KALA- where we collaborated on beauty issues.

Dimitra doesn’t really have specific treatment recipes. She just customizes her methods though the cosmetics that she makes on her own, depending on the needs of each face, and that is something that I haven’t found anywhere in the world all these years that I have been travelling. The moments that I share with Dimitra at her institute are a combination of external care and internal cultivation. Her knowledge, her responsibility, her technique and her faith in her mission to highlight natural beauty, made me have complete confidence in her work, with a direct result on my face!

Alexandra Paschalidou,
I have a very sensitive skin, which creates great discomfort to me. Dimitra helped my skin to calm via her methods and advice on natural products. 2-3 times per week I apply cold rose oil on my skin through massaging. Also, I wear a serum from rose aloe from Dimitra’s line “My handmade Beauty”.

Orsalia Partheni,
There is a lot of discomfort on my face, because of the constant wearing of make up at the various photo shootings and fashion shows. Dimitra helps me to maintain the health and freshness of my skin with her therapies and advice, and she also helps me to avoid any possible infections, which could occur during all these massive beauty events, where a lot of hands touch your face and you don’t really know the preservation conditions of the products used for makeup.
Tzeni Tziverioti,
Dimitra is taking good care of my skin, which is in great discomfort, because I am on a bike, exposed to the sun and pollution, all day long. She gives me a cream gel from her line-“My handmade Beauty”- which really hydrates my face, without even feeling it, so I can wear it easily on a daily basis. This is something new for me, since I had the tendency to throw away any other commercial product I used, after the first three days of using it.

George Amyras,
After a deep cleaning procedure by Dimitra I feel my skin lighter, clean and elastic. It’s a unique feeling.

Sofia Pavlidou,
I am in favor of the natural treatment of my skin, without any chemicals and preservatives and this is what I have found at Dimitra’s institute for many years now.

Gina Alimonou-Vardinogianni,
I am not very fond of aesthetic treatments but every night I put oil from a capsule of vitamin E on my face that Dimitra has advised me to do and it really refreshes my skin.

Mirto Alikaki,
Once a week I apply a mask from natural clay and yogurt that Dimitra has recommended to me. It really makes my skin great!

Betty Maggira,
We have collaborated with Dimitra for 3 years at my TV show: Kalomeleta kai erhete- ANT1! The natural beauty advice that she offered had a great impact on the audience. Her great love of beauty, using natural products, has established her on TV as the best representative of the natural beauty recipes, because what she presents is easy, simple and very effective.

Sofia Aliberti,
Oh my Goodness….. I live a dream at Dimitra’s institute. I can’t wait for the next time!

Thomais Androutsou,
I owe the good quality of my skin to good nutrition and to Dimitra!

George Hraniotis,
It had never crossed my mind to visit an aesthetics institute until one day a friend of mine gave me a facial treatment at Dimitra’s institute as a gift. To tell you the truth, this whole thing sounded so boring, but my friend insisted that it would be a unique experience. Next year, on my name day, I received another gift for a massage this time at Dimitra’s institute, as well. This happened four times until I made up my mind. I said to myself: “I will go!”. Indeed, it was a unique experience and I feel sorry I hadn’t discovered it earlier.

Katerina Papoutsaki,
It was obvious that my sister was going to follow aesthetics, from a very young age. This is what she has always wanted to do. Thank God this happened, because she used to treat my skin and keep it clean from acne, helping it to maintain a fresh and young texture, which is very important to my roles on theatre and TV.

Maria Goula,