Question Why using natural cosmetics?
AnswerRead HERE analytically all the reasons why using natural cosmetics is the logical choice of taking care of your skin. I am positive that by trying the fresh, handmade natural cosmetics of “My Handmade Beauty”, you will understand the difference between them and the products you already use and you will trust them for the care of your skin, which is unique like you.
Question How natural are the handmade cosmetics?
AnswerThe raw materials that we use in our cosmetics are completely compatible with our organism and for this reason they can penetrate the skin in depth, easily and quickly without the help of any chemical permeation enhancers.

My Handmade Beauty cosmetics contain 0% chemical preservatives, 0% excipients, 0% color, 0% fragrance. In addition, all our raw material is organic. There is a great range of essential oils, herbs, oils and cream base, cold cream, aloe Vera, vitamins and many other raw natural substances,which allow us to compose and create the most suitable cosmetics only for you.

Question Why PERSONILIZED cosmetics?
AnswerEvery skin is unique with different demands through different time periods. All the industrialized cosmetics are applicable only to a “medium type” of skin, which can be totally different from yours. The personalized products which I will create only for you, will beneficially cover the unique demands of your skin only.

If it is difficult for you to come at the DG Beauty to meet me in personal, I urge you to fill in the Skin diagnosis Questionnaire, which will provide me with all the necessary information so as to create your own PERSONILIZED cosmetics. For any further information that I may need I will personally contact you.

Question How long can natural products be maintained without any chemical preservatives?
AnswerΤα φρέσκα καλλυντικά μου περιέχουν βιολογικά αιθέρια έλαια τα οποία είναι ισχυρά φυσικά συντηρητικά. Πρέπει να διατηρούνται σε δροσερό μέρος χωρίς ήλιο ή στο ψυγείο. Ο χρόνος ζωής τους είναι έως 3 μήνες (κρέμες) και έως 6 μήνες (λάδια).

The fresh cosmetics that I make contain organic essential oils, which by nature are strong natural preservatives. My Handmade Beauty cosmetics need to be kept in a cool place without sun or in the fridge. Their life time duration is up to 3 months for creams and up to 6 months for oils.

This is enough time if we think that the average time we need to consume a cream of 60ml is 45 days. After all, would you ever compare the nutritional components of a can with those of fresh food, which in order to be maintained needs to be kept in a fridge? Would you rather eat cans so as not to bother going to your fridge? So why doing that to your skin?

Question Do natural cosmetics have the same action as synthetic ones?
AnswerNo! Fresh natural cosmetics are far more drastic than synthetic ones, because they are completely compatible with our cells, which means that they penetrate our skin deeper, they act immediately and they don’t harm our organism!

Just think about the nutritional value of a can and that of fresh food…

Question Natural or organic cosmetics are usually more expensive than the commercial ones.
AnswerUsually the commercial organic cosmetics are very expensive due to their very short life duration and the usage of expensive raw materials. When a product has consumption time limitations and there is a possibility of it not being bought, it can be altered or get spoiled. This can obviously lead to economic damage to the companies, which, as a result, put high prices in order to cover any financial losses.

This comes in contrast to our own production, which is personalized and our products are created from scratch at the time of order ,which makes them really fresh. So, although we are using the best and most expensive raw materials, we are able to have very logical prices, considering there are no logistics or distribution costs. Our goal is to convey our passion for fresh cosmetics and make them accessible to everybody.

Question How do I order handmade fresh cosmetics “for everybody” through
AnswerYou can buy fresh handmade Dimitra Goula’s cosmetics “for everybody” without having to register to or completing the Skin diagnostic Questionnaire. Accordingly, you can buy Gift cards, Raw Materials and our Published Books.

  • You pick the product that you are interested in and you click on “Add to my cart”. This will lead you to your “cart”. If you want to continue shopping, you can click on “Continue Shopping”. If not, just click on “Order”..
  • At this point you will be asked to provide us with the address where you want to receive your order (Shipping Address). If billing address is different ( in case you are sending a gift) you have to complete it ( Billing Address). Otherwise, you just click on the “Copy from Shipping Address” button.
  • Also, you need to choose Shipping Method (find details HERE) as well as payment method (find details HERE).
  • If you have any comments or observations concerning your order, please post it on the “Comments” field.
  • Your next step is to click on “Entry of Order”. If you have already chosen “Credit Card” or “PayPal” as a Payment Method, you will be redirected to Eurobank’s web page or PayPal’s accordingly, where you will be able to securely pay for your order.
  • Pay attention not to leave any voids between the numbers when typing your credit card’s number on Eurobank’s web page and also the expiration date should be four digits without any slashes between them (/).

Question How do I redeem my Gift Card code?
AnswerSelect the products you wish to buy and add them to your shopping cart. At the time of purchase, select “Have a gift card? Click here to enter your code”
Question How do I order personalized handmade natural products “for you” on Dimitra’s Goula website:
AnswerIn order to buy the PERSONILIZED, Dimitra Goula’s natural products “for you” I request that you subscribe at and fill in the Skin Diagnostic Questionnaire. In this way I will be able to make personalized cosmetics, especially for you, that will contain the appropriate materials at the appropriate dosages, so as to meet the specific needs of your skin.

In case you complete your order for personalized handmade natural products “for you” without having filled in the Skin Diagnostic Questionnaire, I will contact you in order to determine together the specific needs of your skin ,which will enable me to create your own cosmetics.

Question How will I subscribe at and how will I complete the Skin Diagnosis Questionnaire?
AnswerWhen you subscribe at you can keep up with your orders and be informed of their progress. After that, you will also be able to do all of your next orders easily.

  • In the subscription page you will be asked to register your User Name, your email address and your Password. Just pay attention to your username ,which needs to contain from 3 to 30 characters and numbers without any gaps or symbols. You can use upper or lower case (_ or -). Your password must contain at least 3 characters.
  • After completing the required fields you will be sent an email at your email address, which will contain an activation link that you will have to click on in order to activate your subscription. This procedure is critical in order to check that your email address is valid.
  • In case you don’t receive your confirmation email, please check the spam file of the provider you are using. Unfortunately, there are a lot of filters which block email correspondence even if it is completely legal and it is asked to be received by the original user. If our message which comes from is at your spam file then open it and click on the activation account link.
  • In case you don’t find our confirmation email, please repeat the procedure checking carefully your email account. There are many users who type their email wrong and as a result, they cannot proceed with their subscription.
  • As soon as you click on the confirmation link you will be directed to your personal account. I invite you to complete the Skin Diagnostic Questionnaire as well as your full name, your birth date and all of your addresses carefully. All your personal data is strictly confidential according to our Privacy Policy.
  • The moment you are finished, you can continue with your order by clicking on “My cart”.

Question Now that I have completed my personal information, as well as the Skin diagnostic Questionnaire, how do I proceed with my order on personalized Dimitra Goula’s natural products “for you”?

  • Click on “My Cart”. If you want to continue shopping click on “Continue Shopping”. If not just click on “Order”.
  • You will be directed to the order form where you should choose Shipping Method (find details HERE) as well as payment method (find details HERE).
  • If you have any comments or observations concerning your order please post it on the “Comments” field.
  • Your next step is to click on “Entry of Order”. If you have already chosen “Credit Card” or “PayPal” as a payment method, you will be redirected to Eurobank’s web page or PayPal’s accordingly, where you will be able to securely pay for your order..
  • Pay attention not to leave any blanks between the numbers when typing your credit card’s number on Eurobank’s web page and the expiration date should be four digits without any slashes between them (/).

Question Που βρίσκεται ο τιμοκατάλογος για τις θεραπείες αισθητικής;Where can I find the price catalogue for all the aesthetic therapies?
AnswerAt DG Beauty Institute by Dimitra Goula we apply a big variety of personalized face and body therapies, depending completely on the needs of your skin as well as on your age.

In order, for me to define which are the therapies that will have beneficial results yo you, and inform you about the cost, I will need to perform a Skin Diagnosis at my Institute or I can see it through your subscription at my website when you complete the Skin Diagnostic Questionnaire.

Our prices are very friendly and start from 25 Euros. For further information on our therapies or for making an appointment in order to have a Skin Diagnosis, please feel free to contact me at 210- 6421031. (We are open Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday: 12:00-20:00, Thursday:14:00-22:00, Saturday:10:00-18:00).

Question How do I know that my transactions are safe?
AnswerAll the transactions concerning credit cards are conducted by Eurobank. Eurobank is one of the biggest Greek banks which provide its customers with safe servers for orders made via credit cards. All your personal data is handled with safety and with industrial coding standards.

You can see the padlock icon that certifies the bank’s ID and the security of the transaction. Also you can use PayPal, for your transactions, which is an internationally recognized electronic payment platform.

Question Taxes, Customs and Delivery Methods


Our deliveries are conducted through Hellenic Post Offices for abroad and/or with a courier company for Greece. As soon as your order is sent, you are going to be notified with an email that will contain the number of your registered post (voucher).


Our prices do not include taxes or customs fees, which some countries may demand upon receiving the order and which are paid by the recipient.


We attach great significance to the packaging of our products. However, our customers are requested to check their order when they receive it. If an order reaches its destination but it is destroyed, then we would like to request that you not accept it from the post office and send it back with the indication “Return to sender”.

After examining it, we will replace the order or we will return the initial cost to the customer (customer’s choice).

Question How long does it take for an order to reach its destination?

The delivery ways and their duration can be found analytically here .

Question What if I don’t receive my order?
AnswerSince all our deliveries are registered we have a very low percentage of failed deliveries. In every order we inform the recipient of the number (voucher) of the registered notice from the Hellenic Post or the courier company.

If, for a reason which is irrelevant to us, you don’t receive your order, we guarantee that we will resend it or we will return the amount you were charged to you, including any postal expenses from DG Beauty to the recipient.

We have to wait for 30 days from the shipping date to apply at the Hellenic Post for shipment research. As soon as the Hellenic Post certifies that there hasn’t been any delivery of this order we proceed directly to a money refund or to the order’s repetition.

Question Can I order without charging my credit card?
AnswerOur e-shop can accept payments also through PayPal. You can order and “pay on delivery” but only for Greece and Cyprus with an additional charge of 3€ or 7€ respectively.

You can also choose “Received from the Institute” as a delivery method, where you will be able to pay for your order in cash the time of receiving it without any transportation charges.