Erotic elixir for female and male massage ..!

It stimulates erotic mood while at the same time relieves the mind of tension and stress.

50ml almond oil

Ginseng 5 drops (natural tonic, aphrodisiac, balancing)

Sandalwood 10 drops (antidepressant)

Cinnamon 5 drops (Heating, Muscle)


Erotic elixir for woman massage

It activates the secretion of pheromones, hormones that make us feel and emulate eroticism and sensuality. Gently apply oil all over the skin after the shower.

50ml almond oil

Glass yelow 5 drops. (aphrodisiac, antidepressant, stimulates the nervous system)

Vanilla 10 drops (antioxidant, reverse)

Orange 5 drops (antidepressant, antiperspirants, activates lymphatic, gives glow)


Small but miraculous erotic elixirs

Did you know that there are small magic miracle bottles? As my very good friend, Dimitra Goula – who specializes in cosmetology and aesthetics – informed me that essential oils have the power to change our lives.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are substances contained in flowers, leaves, bark, roots, seeds and fruits of various plants and trees.

They are extracted by the method of distillation and their contact with our body is achieved by their absorption through the skin, but also through the smell.

Essential oils form the basis of aromatherapy, the alternative medicine industry that intends to treat soul and body through the use of aromatic oils.

The therapeutic effect of essential oils

According to Robert Tisserant, a well-known aromatherapist to understand how essential oils work, gives us the following example:> If we consider that treatment is like opening a door, the action of the chemical drug is like opening the door with a crowbar. But the action of the essential oil is like the key that fits perfectly into the lock and opens the door gently without violence. The key in this case is the right combination of essential oils along with the right massage.

Ocular healing

Odors have a direct effect on the brain by affecting the secretions of substances like endorphins, which prompt us to feel relaxed, sensual, full of euphoria and Pheromones (sexual gland secretions) that make us feel sexually sensual. When the fragrance is worn as an elixir of love, it sends a minute but strong message to our partner

Treatment by absorption from the skin

ONLY the essential oils have the extraordinary ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin due to the incredible similarity of their structure to the membrane of our cells. They can easily enter even more into the capillaries, that is to say blood circulation. In this way they are transported to all the cellular tissues of the body and heal the organism from the inside to the outside.

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