Night cream for radiance and skin whitening with orange juice.


Results on the skin

  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Improves the quality of skin collagen.
  • Decolourises brown spots (age spots) and gives radiance to the skin.
  • Increases the skins defence against germs.



15 gm of beeswax

20 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice

60 ml of olive oil

½ teaspoon of vodka

Essential oil from orange peel




For the preparation we need:

A bain marie


An accurate kitchen scale



A storage jar



  1. First heat the beeswax in the bain marie until it melts. Add the oil, stirring it until the mixture becomes smooth and uniform. Remove the mixture from the heat stirring continuously. As soon as it has cooled and set slightly, gradually add the orange juice together with ½ teaspoon of vodka, stirring continuously until the mixture becomes uniform.
  2. Once the cream has a uniform consistency, let it rest for 10 minutes.
  3. You will notice that there may be a little juice on the surface of the cream. Stir the mixture again until all of the juice has been combined into the mixture and it has a shiny appearance, and your cream is ready!
  4. Add the essence oil by cracking the orange peel so that the droplets fall into the cream, or alternatively, just add some shop bought orange essential oil.



  •  Don’t mix the cream quickly or in a blender otherwise it will become very runny.
  • To combine the juice easily with the beeswax and the oil (so that the cream doesn’t curdle) the juice should be       at a similar temperature, e.g. 30 degrees Celsius.