In this interview, Nikoletta Rallis reveals some of her secrets that make her so radiant, guess what lies within these secrets…

Read bellow an excerpt from the interview:

“My favourite face products are handmade by my beautician Dimitra Goula. Based on a wide range of essential oils, herbs, aloe vera, vitamins and many other primary natural ingredients, fresh natural organic cosmetic products with 0% preservatives, 0% excipients, 0% colourings, 0% perfume and are prepared with organic ingredients.

The moisturisers, cleansing lotions, toning lotions and face serums are made according to the needs of each skin type and are unique.

Out of all of the products that I have tried, and believe me, I have tried MANY, these are the best”

An interview by Georgia Androulaki of that you can read here

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