Presentation of “My Handmade Beauty” / Best Sellers and a Competition on the blog “The Beauty Fairy”

A very nice article – presentation of the skin care products “My Handmade Beauty” on the beauty blog “The Beauty Fairy”, and a competition to win Dimitra Goulas’ book “What Flavour do your Cosmetics Have?” Read the article here and enter the competition.

My Handmade Beauty | Dimitra Goula & a Surprise!! [CLOSED]

Summertime was an opportunity for me to experiment, to read, to try new things and to pamper myself a bit more, and I also had the chance to become acquainted with Dimitra Goulas’ handmade cosmetics. I had watched in the past different shows where Dimitra had presented recipes that we can make on our own at home, but my first “encounter” with her was on the series “Wonderful People” (beloved series) where she played… herself!

After having tried 3 of the skincare products from the Handmade Beauty range, that she personally makes herself, I can say, with absolute certainty that shop-bought cosmetics cannot be compared with these natural products, as these are fresh cosmetics, made-to-order, with fresh ingredients, handmade, and personalised. They are made specifically for you and for your own needs, and they do not contain harmful substances or preservatives and for this reason they should be kept in the fridge.

On opening the small jars, the first thing that made an impression on me was their scent! It was like walking in a garden during springtime! To begin with, I tried a face and eye serum, with wild rose essential oil, vitamin E and calendula oil. It was exactly what I needed first thing in the morning. A moderate-strength moisturising serum, which didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, ideal before applying my sunscreen and with a wonderful scent of rose. I liked the fact that I could also use it on my eyes, a 2 in 1 product! I then tried the regenerating night cream, with beeswax, provitamin A, vitamin E, calendula, pine honey and lavender. A cream with a rich composition, ideal for a face massage before going to bed. By the next morning it had been completely absorbed, leaving my skin feeling deeply moisturised. I preferred it to the serum, but it might not be so suitable for very oily skin or for those who don’t like strong scents, as it has a strong smell of pine. And lastly, I tried a facial peeling for exfoliation and regeneration, with crystal minerals and citrus fruits. I must admit, I had never tried anything like this before! It contained the smallest grains that I have ever encountered in a peeling product! Initially, I thought that it might not work on my skin, but subsequently, I was left speechless! In fact, the microscopic grains did a better job than the products I had previously used with thicker grains, as they thoroughly cleaned the skin pores, without irritating my skin. If I had to recommend one of the 3 products, it would be, without a doubt the last one! For more information about all of the above, and much more, click here.

Of course, with Dimitra Goulas’ books, you can make your own cosmetics! Her first book is titled “Beauty Elixirs” in which you will find everything you need to know about each skin type, advice on how to keep your skin clean and moisturised, beauty recipes and lots more useful information! Her second book is titled “What flavour do your cosmetics have?” (both books are published by Dioptra), and in this book you will find even more beauty recipes, from face masks and facial peeling products, to anti-cellulite creams, classified by the main ingredient that they contain. I believe that they are two books which complement each other, and that they should exist in every woman’s library!

So, in cooperation with Dioptra Publications and Dimitra Goula, one lucky contestant, after a draw, will win the book “What flavour do your cosmetics have?” so that she can make her own natural cosmetics! All you have to do to take part, is to show us your love by liking the following Facebook pages: Dioptra Publications here, Dimitra Goulas here, and The Beauty Fairy here, and also to leave a comment under the photograph here, by answering the question “Have you ever made your own natural cosmetics?”. The competition will run until 12/10/2014 and the prize will be sent by mail. The lucky winner will be notified via Facebook.

I wish you all Good Luck!!!!

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