Question They are completely fresh! They are all personally handmade by me, as soon as they are ordered, and they do not contain any synthetic ingredients.

What difference do the “My Handmade Beauty” products for pregnant women and babies, have from other respective products?
“My Handmade Beauty” Pure Pregnancy and Pure Baby products for pregnant women and babies, are made with organic ingredients which I purchase from areas that there is no environmental pollution or pesticides. A special technique is used to mix the ingredients, and at least 2 hours are needed to prepare the Body Butter.

Why are fresh cosmetics better for pregnant women and new-born babies?
Our skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals it comes into contact with, which are then released directly into the blood stream. Synthetic cosmetics may seem innocent because they are available over the counter but, they still contain some excipients that contribute to the maintenance and consistency of the product which are contrary to the purpose of the product. During our pregnancy, we would never eat or give to our baby long-life food (canned), so why would we use long-life cosmetics for our skin?

Where are the ingredients for the fresh cosmetics obtained from?
Mount Athos provides us with a wide range of ingredients. The ingredients are gathered and prepared by the monks with devotion and prayers, so that they are turned into base oils, tinctures, essential oils, beeswax, propolis and many other active ingredients which provide us with their healing power and energy. Olive oil is the strongest vegetable oil in the world, and we collect it from wild olive trees in Crete. These trees are centuries old and are indigenous (they occur and develop naturally), they never grow old or die and their healing power is enormous.

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