Question Avocado oil
AnswerAvocado oil and basic properties

The avocado oil, in its form, is oily to waxy, does not dissolve in water and has walnut flavor. Its color is a hue between the yellow and the ocher but it may be a bit darker, like the olives.

It has a high content of important vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients and all this is due to its positive contribution and action on our skin and hair. It has moisturizing properties and has a strong healing-soothing effect. It is very important that the nutrition it offers to our skin thanks to all its ingredients.
If you use this oil in combination with macadamia oil, the result is a positive contribution to revitalizing skin cells.

Avocados oil does not contain soapy ingredients, making it very easy to apply to the skin, and its touch is very positive.
Unlike other oils, it does not cause blockage in the skin pores and further (as mentioned above) it is hypoallergenic.


Avocado oil, renews and animates the tired and dull hair.
It helps to tackle the problem of the scissors in our hair.
It nourishes the root of the hair and helps to grow properly.
Protects our hair from exposure to sunlight.


Avocado oil has the potential, either alone or in some cream or lotion, to help treat skin problems such as sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
It offers immediate hydration to our skin as well as revitalization and can restore normal skin dry or damaged.

It increases the collagen of the skin by offering it agility, elasticity, vigor and youthful image, which helps to fight aging (wrinkles, spots).
Helps regenerate skin cells, mainly with intensive and repeated massage.
Avocados oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory and as a solution for irritated skin, as thanks to its phytosterols it can soothe the intense sensation of itching.
Compared to other oils, it penetrates deep into the epidermis and can be easily absorbed by feeding on damaged skin.

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