Question Clay
AnswerThe curative and beneficial properties of Clayare known and internationally recognized. They are due to the presence of various metallic elements and the wide variety of colors are due to their iron and magnesium content. Clay is “famous” for its absorbent and detoxifying properties due to the ion exchange capability of the body.
It has hemostatic, antiseptic and sedative properties, as well as the ability to significantly help regenerate the cells, helping to wound irritation and eye loss.

Cosmetic clay is widely used by beauty institutes worldwide, and the fact that anyone can find it in the market places it among the first in demand materials to make masks of beauty for the face as well as the body.
Stimulates blood circulation, blocking heat and creating hyperemia.
Its antioxidant properties act against aging, while with the very first application the skin shows obvious signs of improvement. Depending on the type of clay to use in the mask, the spots disappear and the pollutants removed, after the sebum is absorbed and the pores of the skin are opened. The results are immediate and the revitalization of the skin is obvious. With regard to its application to the body, clay acts as an anti-cellulite product, removing toxins.

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