It has astringent properties and is therefore ideal for tightening the skin. It is extremely useful in the treatment of acne and other skin problems. It has a high content of linoleic acid, a fatty acid essential for cell membranes and skin. It serves as a wonderful moisturizer and actually nourishes the skin. It gives a shining glow to the skin. It is ideal for mixed, oily skins and skins with acne problems.

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    Φιλτράρισμα με τιμή

  • Anti-aging night oil 50+ – 30ml

    with vit. A and evening primrose

  • Body serum for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat – 120ml

    with cinnamon and grapefruit

  • Firming body serum for the treatment of epidermal (loose skin) and muscular relaxation – 120ml

    with peppermint and eucalyptus

  • Face mask for radiance – 120ml

    with clay and spearmint

  • Night Repair Oil – 30 ml

    with The Secret and Omega 3