Green tea antioxidants, called catechins, collect free radicals that can destroy DNA and contribute to cancer, blood clots and arteriosclerosis. Grapes and berries, red wine and dark chocolate also have powerful antioxidants. Due to the little green tea treatment – its leaves are dried and steam-treated and fermented, such as black tea and oolong tea – its unique catechins, especially EGCG, have a higher concentration. Green tea and its extract have been shown to fight obesity and low LDL (bad cholesterol), two factors responsible for heart disease and diabetes, but in limited studies. The same was proved in the study of the Netherlands and Japan. Consuming green tea can help reduce the signs of cellulite. Green tea has been found to be effective to increase energy expenditure and helps with weight loss. It is also a powerful antioxidant involved in the prevention of free radicals.

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