Question Hamamel extract
He has been known for his healing properties for many years. The Indians of North America used it for its astringent properties. They hummed the bark of young branches in the water and made a healing eyebrow.
Cherokee scolded it in wounds and scratches while the Iroquois used it to prevent bleeding after delivery. Mahegan used the plant branches in dowsing in search of water or buried treasures. Previously, the nomenclature was administered internally to deal with many disorders, but today it is mainly used externally for various skin problems. It is also increasingly used in cosmetic creams because it prevents skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles.
In North America it is also called the witchcraft. Leptokarya is also called the hazel with which their leaves have some similarities, but the species are not related.

Healing properties and indications

The herb acts as an anti-haemorrhagic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, vasoconstrictor. It is often available in the form of Amamilidis distillate, or we use the infusion of leaves or the decoction of the bark. As with all astringents, it can be used where there is bleeding, internal or external.
It is particularly useful for hemorrhoids. Because it has a decongestant effect it can be applied in cases of bruising or inflammatory swelling.

Also its action as venous, makes it beneficial to problems from varicose veins. Placing a fresh leaf of the plant on varicose veins relieves the legs.
Sparse cold decoction of the cortex is used for ophthalmic washing in cases of conjunctivitis.

Finally he controls diarrhea and helps in dysentery.
Amamelidas distillate can be used in light sunburns. We can also use it to stop a small bleeding, put it in wounds and soothe the bites of the insects.
Helps reduce pain associated with menstruation and reduces excessive bleeding.

Eases changes that accompany menopause. As a menopause, it stimulates menstrual flow.

It works in bruises, acne, bleeding gums, mouth sores, eczema (in eczema), sore throat and tonsillitis.
For hemorrhoids the herb is very well associated with the Botanical Garden. Amamelid distillate, liquid extract and tincture are used to activate circulation without causing irritation. Due to these properties, today they use the above formulations, in the cosmetics sector, as tonics.

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