Question Himalayan crystals
Himalayan salt 250 million years old is characterized as one of Earth’s most ancient and cleanest salts.

Its shades are due to the various elements that occasionally mixed in its composition, such as red and orange tones caused by iron and manganese, respectively.

For Body Health:
Ideal for bathtub bathing, where the Osmosis process eliminates toxins from the body. It rests and sheds the body giving a sense of purification and lightness. Bathrooms in saline are known to provide wellness, balance and relaxation. In addition to this, saline acts therapeutically for:
01. Skin diseases
02. Fluid retention and presence of edema
03. Sprains, bruises, swellings
04. Fungi, bacteria, micro-organisms
05. Balances acid or alkaline PH
06. Eliminates heavy metals
07. Improves metabolism
08. Helps digestion and assimilation work
09. Strengthens the immune system
10. Cleans the chakras and revitalizes the body

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