Lanolin (lanolin) is a component derived from the fat treatment of sheep wool. Lanolin is not actually fat (it does not contain glycerides), but it is a substance that prevents wool from sheep and protects against adverse weather conditions. It is a colorful, viscous substance – in fact it is a kind of wax – with amazing properties.

Skin bioengineering studies have demonstrated the amazing moisturizing effect of Lanolin. With only 2mg per centimeter skin (single spread), the skin showed a decrease in dryness and hardness by 35% within one hour, 50% after 2 hours, while the results were 8 hours in total. When the dose doubled to 4 mg per centimeter of skin and spread over 4 consecutive days (once), the results were 72 hours after discontinuation.
Lanolin is extensively used in the manufacture of cosmetics. You will find it in cosmetics for mature and dehydrated skin, baby care products, lip balms, hair care products, and so on. Lanolin also functions as a homogenizer / emulsifier and in many recipes you will find it to replace candle.

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