Lavender is considered the tranquillizer of nature. It has unique moisturizing and soothing properties. It works effectively against insomnia and eliminates headaches and stress. It also soothes allergies, insect bites and burns.
The word Lavender comes from the Latin verb “lavare” meaning “wash”. Indeed, the Romans used to wash and clean their wounds with lavender. Lavender is known as the “tranquil of nature”. It has moisturizing and regenerating properties and soothes irritations. Lavender is suitable for sensitive skin and helps in muscular pains. Its essential oil relaxes the body and senses and helps fight insomnia, headaches and stress while soothing insect bites and burns

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    Φιλτράρισμα με τιμή

  • Face Cleansing Soap for acne – 120ml

    with aloe vera and lavender

  • Body revitalizing cream for stretch marks – 220ml

    with beeswax and provitamin A

  • For Men, moisturizing – anti-aging cream, 2 in 1 for the face and eyes – 60ml

    with sandalwood and lavender

  • After Shave gel – 60ml

    with rosemary and lavender

  • Facial serum for regulating oiliness and tightening skin pores – 30ml

    with lavender, thyme and peppermint

  • Lightweight face cream for oily skin – 60ml

    with aloe, lavender and vit. B

  • Deep moisturizing face & eye mask – 120ml

    with beeswax and pine honey

  • Regenerative peeling – 60ml

    with lavender and ground apricot kernels

  • Toning lotion – 120ml

    with lavender

  • Anti-acne lotion – 120ml

    with potato tincture and lavender

  • Body Butter (for diaper change) Pure Baby– 220ml

    with beeswax and lavender