Question Lemongrass
AnswerThe lemongrass is a woody, bulbous stem with fresh lemon scent. It is used in intense psychological situations experienced by the human body. It is also considered beneficial to headaches and feverish conditions.
Harmful substances – toxins, which originate from exogenous factors [food-environment], remain in the human body and are implicated in the existence of various diseases, in which deaths occur in particular situations. Lemongrass is considered ideal for toxin elimination, immune system activation and connective tissue regeneration.
Its particular beneficial properties is that it contains vitamins B 1, B 2, B 12 (from B complex) and fat-soluble A and C. Finally, it is rich in phosphorus and potassium.
In a 2006 survey at the University of “VEN GURION” in Israel, the possible existence of antitumor properties was studied. The conclusion that was drawn was positive in action against cancerous infestation of cells [1gram dose per 120ml of hot water]. In a survey of the public hospital in Brazil, in a sample of 50 volunteers, the relativity – the connectivity of lemongrass versus anxiety was studied. Lemongrass and placebo were given and the results were the reduction of stressful stressful states. Finally, a survey of the agricultural cooperative “Agrokipion” in Chania, Crete, highlighted the positive effect – the contribution of lemongrass to fungal spore production in food. From the above, the conclusion that results, although not 100% reliable due to the relatively minor research, is positive for the importance of lemon juice both in man and in the quality of food.

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