Regenerative peeling for stretch marks healing – 220ml

with crystals and minerals

Excellent exfoliating and scraping product 2 in 1. This miraculous product with natural crystals, stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid of the skin, while at the same time activating to the fullest the process of cell renewal.
The essential oils of citrus fruits that it contains, give an immediate glow and whitening to the skin. It has visible results from the very first application. Eliminates imperfections, such as stretch marks, two-tone rough skin, bursitis, scars, etc. Leaves skin smooth, radiant and fresh.

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Preserved in the refrigerator! Product duration: 3 months


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Main Product Ingredients

Question Ingredients

Fresh aloe, beeswax, calendula oil, provitamin A, mineral crystals, et. citrus oils, dmae.

Question How to use/Tips
AnswerDepending on how you use this product, it can do a simple exfoliation (removing dead cells from the skin) or make a deep dermabrasion that activates collagen, whitens, gives glow and heals the stretch marks. If used with gentle shakes for 1-2 minutes it works like a simple exfoliating product, but if it is applied with more deep shakes for 3-4 minutes it becomes a powerful anti-aging weapon that activates collagen, gives glow and energy to the epidermis.Καλό είναι μετά την εφαρμογή να εφαρμόζεται η πλούσια θρεπτική , αναπλαστική κρέμα κατά των ραγάδων.
Τιπ- Λόγω της αποτοξινωτικης ιδιότητας του γκρέιπφρουτ, καταπολεμά ταυτόχρονα και την κυτταρίτιδα!
ΤΙΠ- Είναι καλό το προϊόν να εφαρμόζεται μόνο βράδυ λόγω της φωτοευαισθησίας των αιθέριων ελαίων από γκρέιπφρουτ και περγαμόντο. The product has better results if combined with 100% natural products. This product is very effective because it gives powerful signals to the brain to stimulate collagenogenesis and skin regeneration. In addition to the stretch marks, it breaks the melanin, removes the froths, whitens, smoothes and gives glow to the epidermis. However, in order for crystal peeling to function at 100% of its activity, it is best to use it with 100% natural products (refrigerated products, ie without any synthetic excipient or preservative).
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