Anti-aging face cream – 60ml

with sage and evening primrose

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The regenerative properties of propolis and frankincense directly repair the wrinkles, while sage and evening primrose essential oils oxygenate and firm the skin.

When a woman enters menopause, the first thing that changes in her body is the amount of estrogen she produces. When less estrogen is produced, the amount of collagen produced is also immediately reduced, which results in a sudden sagginess of the skin.

This amazing face cream prevents sagging of the skin because the herbs it contains act as estrogen imitators which send a message to the brain to re-activate collagen synthesis.

ingredients and how to use


Boost your hydration and anti-aging cream by adding natural hyaluronic acid:

Main Product Ingredients

Question Ingredients
AnswerΒeeswax, argan oil, propolis, frankincense, sage and evening primrose essential oils.

Question How to use/Tips
AnswerApply a small amount of the cream to clean skin, morning and evening, by lightly massaging the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. Make sure that you always use gentle, upward strokes.

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