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The well- known beautician Dimitra Goula presents her own beauty recipes and wellness, based on natural raw materials that exist in every home, , in her first book which was published by “Dioptra Publications”. It is about a “Beauty Bible” that applies to all areas of modern aesthetics, in an intelligible and understandable way, while at the same time celebrities from entertainment and the arts share their own secret personal care with readers.

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Trying a different approach in the constant search of beauty and youth, the graduate esthetician Dimitra Goula suggests that you think … Naturally!

Get initiated into the world of aesthetics highlighting your own, unique beauty. Discover bold recipes based on plants, herbs, flowers, spring water, honey, fruits and natural oils, truly elixirs of your personal care.

Prepare your own cosmetics with natural ingredients that can be found in every home, economically and efficiently. Feel beautiful and desirable taming the pure power of nature. Learn the beauty secrets of famous stars that trust natural products to be always bright in the media spotlight.

A reference book for every woman who wants to put her personal aesthetic to other hierarchy, for every woman who decides to think … Naturally!

  • How positive is the effect of sex on your appearance?
  • Are you smoking or have been smoking? Learn how to transform an enemy into an ally
  • Can chocolate help in weight loss?
  • Inexpensive and natural spa on the beach
  • How can I get glowing skin in just fifteen minutes?
  • How can I deal with localized fat and cellulite with espresso coffee?
  • How do I find a cure for acne suited to my skin type?
  • Personalized cosmetics with combinations of essential oils
  • What are the timeless beauty secrets of Cleopatra?
  • How to construct my own colored bath salts and offer them as a gift to my friends?
  • Can I look fresh and shinny when getting off the plane after ten hours flight?
  • I want to get rid of my wrinkles. Can I?
  • 240 pages – publications Dioptra – paperback
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