Bleaching face cream – 60ml

with licorice and lily

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It acts in depth by regulating tyrosine enzymes, which command melanocytes to secrete melanin.
The revolutionary discovery of the whitening root, which has 13 times stronger whitening effect than the chemical hydroquinone, has brought ups and downs in natural cosmetology. Licorice extract gives the final solution to the problem of freckles, while strengthening the skin’s resistance to the sun.
At the same time, the enzyme Arbutin naturally inhibits the production of melanin and prevents the formation of new freckles.

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Preserved in the refrigerator! Product duration: 3 months


Main Product Ingredients

Question Ingredients

Fresh aloe, beeswax, licorice and Arbutin

Question How to use/Tips
Answer Spread morning and evening with a small amount of cream with light massage on the face, neck and around the eyes, avoiding the area very close to the eyelids.
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Preserved in the refrigerator! Product duration: 3 months


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