CLAY Express clean face therapy

Suitable for oily and acne prone skin

The therapeutic and cosmetic properties of clay are due to the presence of trace elements and minerals, in particular, silicon, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, and manganese. The variety of colours is due to the content of iron and magnesium oxides.

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The express clean face therapy includes: Cleansing with a rich vanilla moisturising lotion combined with an enjoyable detoxifying massage – peeling with volcanic black Hawaiian salt, lemon juice and aloe vera – a warm lavender compress, sebum removal in the T facial area – an astringent mask made from beer yeast, apple cider, green clay, and rosemary, mint and thyme essential oils.


Action on the skin:

  • Hyperaemic – Retains heat creating hyperaemia
  • Absorbent – Penetrates the pores of the skin and absorbs pollutants
  • Cleanser – Cleans blackheads
  • Detoxifying – Detoxifies the body, making it suitable for cellulite therapies and treatment of local fat
  • Antiseptic – Neutralizes infectious bacteria
  • Antibiotic – Guarantees the absence of infection while neutralizing existing infections
  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces hematomas, eliminates bruises
  • Healing – Heals recent wounds. Renews tissue
  • Soothing – Soothes pain almost immediately
  • Nourishing – Provides nourishment and strengthens the skin tissues
  • Antioxidant – Contains trace elements that act against ageing of the skin