Cryo lifting therapy – Treatment for an immediate lifting and shining effect

This is a facial treatment for instant facelift thanks to marine collagen, marine elastin and firming complex essential oils which dramatically removes fatigue from the texture and it gives energy and sparkle.

The Cryo lifting is a natural treatment that provides immediate firming and toning to the skin. It improves facial contours while it gives shine to the skin and it also helps reduce skin imperfections such as local redness, spider veins and brown spots.

Application of Cryo lifting is personalized. The Serum and creams applied to your treatment are chosen after a detailed skin diagnosis, defining the needs of every skin. In this way the Cryo lifting can be applied to any type of skin and at any age. The treatment is combined with lymphatic facial massage for better penetration of the active ingredients.

Active Ingredients: Oil Achilles, incense essential oil, rose essential oil, lavender extract, white clay, chamomile extract.

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