Crystal Peeling – 60ml

Ingredients: Natural crystal powder, fresh aloe, citrus essential oil.

Application: Depending on how it will be used, this product can be used to exfoliate the skin (to remove dead cells from the skin) or, as a scrub for a light dermabrasion, which activates collagen production, whitens the skin, gives radiance and smooths the skin. It can be used as a simple exfoliating product by applying it with gentle upward strokes for 1 – 2 minutes, or, it can be used as a scrub by applying it with deeper upward strokes for 3 minutes, which will act as a powerful anti-ageing weapon by activating collagen production, and by providing radiance and energy to the skin. This product must only be used at night, due to the photosensitivity of the citrus essential oils. It would also be beneficial to use a rich nourishing, regenerating cream after using this product.

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