Exclusive – Crystal peeling – 60ml

with royal bee

Luxury Artisanal Skincare
based on the valuable wild olive

Crystal peeling contains royal jelly is considered an elixir of health and youth and not unfair, as it is a bomb of precious ingredients. What gives the Royal Pulp amazing properties is the abundance of B-complex vitamins, which are crucial for the proper functioning of the skin and the whole body.
It also contains proteins, minerals, amino acids, vitamins C, D, A, K and E, as well as acetylcholine, which has vasodilatory properties, useful for the proper function of the capillaries of the skin, and consequently their oxygenation.

Depending on how this product is used, this product can do a simple exfoliation (remove dead cells from the skin) or do a light skin decomposition which activates collagen, whitens, glows and smoothes the skin.
If used with gentle shakes for 1-2 minutes it acts as a simple exfoliating product, but if applied with deep shakes for 3 minutes it becomes a powerful anti-aging weapon that activates collagen, giving shine and energy to the skin.
The product should only be applied at night due to the photosensitivity of citrus essential oils.
It is advisable to apply a rich nourishing, regenerative cream after application.

* Because Vitamin C is easily oxidized by air and light, please close the jar immediately and keep it in a dark place.

ingredients and how to use


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Preserved in the refrigerator! Product duration: 3 months


Main Product Ingredients

Question Ingredients
AnswerOlives, fresh aloe, mineral crystals, vitamin C, chestnut wax, royal jelly, citrus essential oil.
Question How to use / Tips
AnswerTo maximize the crystal peeling it should be applied to the skin with gentle massage for 2 minutes avoiding the eye area. More specifically, depending on the skin type:
In normal-sensitive skin it can be used once a week as a simple scrub.
It is recommended to use up to 2 times a week (always at night) on skin with acne scars and oily skin.
The first time with mild shakes (exfoliation) and the second time with deeper shakes (skin exhaustion).
In very durable skin can
The product works best if combined with 100% natural products. This product is very active because it gives powerful signals to the brain to stimulate collagenogenesis and regenerate the skin. It also breaks down the melanin, removes the blemishes whitens, smoothes and gives shine to the skin. However, in order for crystal peeling to work at 100% of its effect, it is advisable to use it strictly with 100% natural products (refrigerated products, that is, they have no synthetic excipients or preservatives). The products recommended to be used along with crystal peeling and extra help in its action is Night revitalizing cream, which, after using the peeling and after the new skin comes out, helps in fast and proper healing and regeneration of the skin. It regenerates expression lines due to the natural provitamin A it contains, and deeply nourishes the skin. It is also advisable to use a 100% natural sunscreen (stored in the refrigerator), as a chemical sunscreen has synthetic excipients and chemical sunscreen filters, which may damage peeling sensitive skin.
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