Deep Facial Cleansing without leaving any scars

Deep cleansing facial with a scientific opening technique, that leaves no scars and redness. It is combined with a relaxing facial massage and moisturizing treatment according to the specific needs of your skin.  The deep facial cleaning is the most important treatment for the skin because it releases the dead skin cells as well as the excess sebum. Thus, the skin keeps its health, freshness and glow of rosy appearance. Moreover, it increases the absorption capacity of the active ingredients in creams and beauty treatments.

We use various methods of opening the skin pores depending on the type and needs of each skin.

For information, prices and appointments for all treatments applied to DG Beauty please contact me at the e-mail or at the phone number: 210-6421031.

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Step 1: We begin with a delicious cleansing with a relaxing massage. The nourishing emulsion from milk cream and banana and the lotion with rose water and azulene will soften and prepare the skin for the continuation of the treatment. We continue by selecting a specific peeling depending on your skin type.

Step 2: A therapeutic facial steam bath with eucalyptus essential oils beneficial to the respiratory system, opens the pores of the skin gently giving an indulgent aromatherapy sense.

Step 3: Careful and gentle opening of the skin pores to avoid scars and redness.

Step 4: Hydration and regeneration with a combination of two serums with natural active ingredients by Dimitra Goula, which will alleviate, moisturize and restore the skin’s defenses.

Step 5: Enjoy a massage with natural nourishing cream which will soothe and decongest each muscle tension by improving blood circulation.

Step 6: Refreshing chlorophyll cooling mask

Active ingredients: lavender, aloe Vera, rose water, rose water, azulene (a derivative of chamomile), complex of moisturizing ingredients, essential oil of eucalyptus and active chlorophyll.