Eyelash perm

Get now the turn lashes you’ve always dreamed of and compete the look of the stars. The application of eyelash perm is selected with hypoallergenic materials, it is easy, effective, and not at all irritating to the delicate eye area. The results are impressive!

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What is eyelash perm?

It is an easy and painless method to tame unruly eyelashes used for vivid, feminine and penetrating look.

Why should I do eyelash perm?

You will have noticed that the sprouts of your eyelashes do not always have the same direction as you probably would like. That is because the eyelashes are in an unregulated pattern. This way they cannot elevate your look and the mascara is not applied uniformly.

What kind of lashes someone should have in order to apply the perm?

Anarchy eyelashes (mixed with a different direction one from another), lashes with downward direction (lashes that without mascara tend to go downwards), straight eyelashes (eyelashes that do not have the natural flared shape).

How do you apply it?

The application of the treatment is very easy, safe and painless for the eyes. Non-irritating and does not cause allergies.

Can I use make-up removal normally?

Of course! There is no issue and perms are not affected. Imagine something like permed hair, only in this case we use organic products so that the ingredients are friendly to the eyes, without peroxide, and completely safe.