Lip antiaging

This is the first lip treatment with a complete range of products: make-up remover with the biphasic emulsion with rose – almond and glycerin, which respects the skin of the lips, effectively removes make-up, while rose essential oil heals fine smoker’s lines around the lips.
The lip scrubber gently removes dead cells and promotes good blood circulation of the lips, so that they always have a healthy color and volume.
Finally, the miracle lip therapy butter regenerates, rebuilds and provides the necessary lipids, oils and moisturizing ingredients that lips need to regenerate and acquire the velvety texture they had when we were 20 years old! At the same time it gives an incredibly natural glow!
Ideal for dry, dull lips with expression lines and atrophy.

The Eye makeup remover offers anti-wrinkle protection at the same time as the makeup remover


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