Reconstructive face serum – 30ml

with linseed oil and Ω3

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ingredients and how to use


Serums - face and eye conditions are products of low molecular weight (thin fluid) that have the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to the heart of its cells. They enhance the action of the cream and all other beauty treatment products. The action of the term on the skin starts from the inside out, while that of the cream from the outside in. Cream and condition are strong allies to have a quick and effective treatment for any issue that concerns our skin.

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Main Product Ingredients

Question Ingredients
AnswerVitamin E, jojoba oil, linseed oil, omega 3, fresh aloe, rose extract
Question How to use/Tips
AnswerPut four drops of serum crosswise on the face, apply the serum with soft circular motions until it is absorbed. We wait for about 1 minute and apply our cream.
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