Detoxifying – Slimming body peeling – 220ml

with coffee beans and vanilla grains

The coffee beans inside our body peeling cream, remind us of creamy milk with cappuccino flavor accompanied with fresh vanilla.

It releases the dead cells gently from the skin while caffeine contained in the coffee beans fights cellulite and fat. Its perfume awakens your senses and your spirit.

What is body peeling? Our skin is comprised of many small cells which are renewed and replaced pushing one another from underneath towards the top. An epidermal cell cycle lasts from 28 to 45 days. At the end of the cycle the wide dead cells are discarded in order to give space to the new cells to grow. During the aging process unfortunately this natural procedure cannot take place so easily. Because of aging, stress and pollution, the old cells stick to the skin surface and stay there for more than they should. The body exfoliation helps the natural procedure of cell renewal, while eliminating the dead cells with specific natural cosmetics and leaving the skin young, bright and clean.

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Preserved in the refrigerator! Product duration: 3 months


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Main Product Ingredients

Question Ingredients
AnswerAloe vera, ivy oil, cold cream, organic coffee beans, vanilla seeds.
Question How to use/Tips
AnswerThe slimming body peeling with coffee beans apart from its exfoliating property also helps fighting fat and cellulite. Apply it twice per week, before your shower, with intense cyclical movements until your skin takes a soft rose color.
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