Therapeutic face cream for rosacea – 60ml

with zinc and vit. Β

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Anhydrous euserin in combination with zinc and the B vitamin complex is a key combination for the treatment of rosacea that is increasingly occupying people.

This natural cream with the subtle smell of rose, while having a light texture, offers deep hydration and strong protection from external factors that negatively affect a hypersensitive and intolerant skin (cold, heat, dust, toxicity).

At the same time, its active ingredients nourish and fortify the vessel shell, so that they have a defense against the environment and all the conditions that cause their irritation. From the very first application you will feel coolness, relief and deep relaxation on your skin.

ingredients and how to use


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Main Product Ingredients

Question Ingredients

Aloe bio, rosewater, euserine, zinc and vit. Β

Question How to use/Tips
AnswerApply a small amount of cream with light massage to face and neck in the morning and evening on a clean skin. Make sure your moves are smooth and always upward.
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Preserved in the refrigerator! Product duration: 3 months


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