Question What difference do products for pregnant and babies - My Handmade Beauty - from the other products?
AnswerThe products for pregnant and babies Pure Pregnancy and Pure Baby – My Handmade Beauty – are made of organic raw materials that are supplied from places where there is no environmental pollution and pesticides at a very long distance. It’s fresh! They are all handmade by me at the very moment you order them and they do not contain anything synthetic. They need a special technique to mix materials that require at least 2 hours to make Body butter.
Question Why is it good for pregnant and newborn fresh cosmetics?
AnswerOur skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals that come in contact with it and sends them directly into the bloodstream. Synthetic cosmetics as innocuous as they are to be on the store shelves should contain some excipients that contribute to the product’s consistency and consistency and not to the essence of their purpose. We would never eat in our pregnancy, nor would we give our baby long-term (canned) foods, so why do we use cosmetic cans for our skin?
Question Where do the raw materials of fresh cosmetics come from?
AnswerThe Holy Mountain covers a wide range of materials. The raw materials are collected and processed by the monks with praise and prayer to turn them into base oils, tinctures, essential oils, beeswax, propolis and many other active ingredients that give us their healing power and energy. Olive oil, which is the No. 1 oilseed oil in the world, is harvested from wild olive trees in Crete. These age-old trees are native, they do not age and never die while their healing power is enormous.

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