Dimitra Goula

Dimitra Goula was born and raised in Crete, Greece. She graduated from “The Korais” high school. She studied facial and body scientific aesthetics with a facial specialization at Schoner Berufsausbildungs Institut at Munich. Simultaneously, she studied theatrical make-up and film make-up with special effects. After that, she studied aesthetics cosmetology and financial organization of Beauty or aesthetics institutes and SPA at the British Technical Educational Council- Bitec in London and she was granted the Higher National Diploma. She has attended painting lessons under the supervision of Kallinikos and she has participated in two painting exhibitions. She has attended theatrical lessons at the “Theatre of Changes” for two years while, at the same time, during her very first steps she worked in the sector of theatrical make-up for many performances and photo shootings. Dimitra has already gained 17 years of valuable experience in applied aesthetics and she has had advanced specialization in beauty therapies, studying botanist and aromatherapy thoroughly, in combination with classical aesthetics and cosmetology.


She has primarily organized the Thallaso Spa at Creta Maris Hotel (Hersonissos, Crete), the Candia Maris Spa (Heraklio, Crete) as well as the Santa Marina Hotel (Arahova, Parnasos). Finally, she has been the manager of the Aesthetics Center of Politia Tennis Club. Dimitra is also writing articles about women’s health on behalf of beauty magazines (Elle, Shape, Lucky, Marriage, bio news, Metro, Wave,Stigmes, Gamos sti Kriti, Glamour, Playboy, Real news, Espresso, Alter vita, Vivere, Forma, Prevention, ΟΚ,etc.) and she has kept a permanent column in “Harmony” magazine for the last 8 years. Every year Dimitra is on the judges panel for the Prix de Beaute of Votre Beaute magazine. Also, many foreign magazines such as: Porter magazine, Forbes, Organic spa magazine, Insider spa, Penta, National preacher, Goop etc. have referred to her cosmetics and her work.

She has been a permanent associate and in some cases a guest at many Greek TV shows such as: Mia me dio at NET with Rika Vagianni and Popi Tsapanidou, Omorfos kosmos to proi, MEGA with Gregory Arnaoutoglou, Ola kala, STAR with Alexandra Paschalidou, Kalomeleta kai erhete, ANT1 with Sophia Aliberti, Mesa sti kali hara, ALPHA with Natalia Germanou and Sissi Hristidou, Ehoume kai leme, NET with Rika Vagianni, Ginaikes, Net, with Lena Aroni, Menoume Ellada, NET, with George Amyra and Renia Tsitsibikou, Gia mia kaliteri zoi, SKAI, with Despina Kabouri, Proino ANT1 with Christo Ferentino and Sissi Christidou, at the TV game FAB5, at the TV series Iperoha Plasmata of Elena Kontova at ALPHA, at the web channel Asana TV and at the Crete channel Nea Tileorasi (Chania), , «Sou-Kou», Ant1 with Maria Mpekatorou.


This current year she is again a permanent associate of the morning show «Happy Day», in Alpha Channel, with Stamatina Tsimtsili. Dimitra’s Goula first book was published by Dioptra publications in 2008 under the title of: “Beauty Elixirs”. In this book, she presents a lot of advice about the health and the beauty of our skin, as well as smart and original ways of preparing cosmetics and therapies on your own, based only on natural ingredients. It has become a Best Seller and it is already at its 4th edition. Her second book under the title of: “What is the taste of your cosmetics?” was published again by Dioptra publications and came out on February 2013. Nowadays, Dimitra is the owner of the very successful Dimitra Goula Boutique Institute (www.dimitragoula.gr) at downtown Athens. Her institute is the result of her creativity, which enables her to disseminate her passion for modern aesthetics. Occasionally, many Greek Tour Guides as well as some foreign ones, such as Athinorama, The White Guide, and Exodus have paid a tribute and made references to the quality of her life. Recently she presented her own personalized fresh line cosmetics “My handmade beauty” by Dimitra Goula ,which are free of any chemical preservatives, artificial colors or parabens.