A review of the natural cosmetics “My Handmade Beauty” that was posted on the very interesting beauty blog “Dream of Beauty” …Read it!

Review: Natural Cosmetics by Dimitra Goula

Today we’re going to talk about natural cosmetics, which as you know, I adore, but when these natural cosmetics are made exclusively for my needs by a certified beautician, I love them even more!

Dimitra Goula has a beauty institute, she has written two books on beauty and natural recipes, and has appeared on many television shows where she has presented easy recipes for cosmetics made from ingredients that we have in our kitchen! You can find information about all of these on her site www.dimitragoula.gr, which is also an e-shop where you can order her creations.

The particular feature that makes Dimitra Goula stand out is that through her site she provides the possibility of a skin diagnosis, in which by giving information about your skin, hair, diet, and your needs, and also your preference for textures and fragrances etc., Dimitra Goula prepares cosmetics which contain ingredients that are suitable exactly for your personal needs.

After contacting her and completing the skin diagnostic questionnaire, she sent me products for my face and body. I tried them and really liked them, so let me give you my opinion about these in detail:

A 24-hour, lightweight face cream with rose, propolis, vitamin E and aloe. It smells wonderful (like rosewater), it moisturises very well, is absorbed quickly and acts as a great base for makeup. I use it every morning. A 60 ml jar costs 38 euro.

Body Oil

A body oil for localised fat and cellulite with ivy, black pepper, grapefruit and cinnamon. My favourite! It smells of cinnamon, it has an incredibly nice texture, it provides intense hydration and although it is an oil, by just lightly massaging, it is absorbed almost directly by the skin. I use it every night after I shower and after a gentle exfoliation, and I have noticed that my skin is firmer and that there is an intense change in the texture of my skin. A 100 ml jar costs 35 euro.

A few words about the procedure:

I believe it’s worth having a look at the site, as you will find many beautiful products! My conversation with Dimitra Goula was particularly good, as she was very polite and willing to answer all of my questions. The cosmetics arrived very carefully packaged, in glass jars. And finally, I just want to mention that, because I understand that the prices might seem high for some of us, the product containers are large (for example, the 60 ml day cream contains twice the amount of normal creams), the ingredients will have been selected for you, which means that you will see results quickly without needing large quantities, and it is especially important to note that the cosmetics are prepared once they are ordered, which means that they are completely fresh. So I think that it’s worth investing in quality skincare products instead of buying another lipstick.

Do you prefer natural cosmetics?