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Saturday, 26th January 2013

Dimitra Goula’s natural cosmetics – REVIEW –

Hey Fairy-Girls…

Today’s post is dedicated to homemade cosmetics!! Not just any cosmetics though, but cosmetics handmade personally by Dimitra Goula, who I’m sure you’ve heard of and have seen on television shows and in the media!

Dimitra runs an institute, the DG Beauty Boutique, in Athens, which you can visit and allow yourself to be looked after by professionals and to have the wonderful therapies that the institute offers, but she also has an on-line shop, where you can amongst other things, complete a skin diagnostic questionnaire and Dimitra will prepare cosmetics exclusively for your needs! You can see here what it’s all about! Because I live in a province and I couldn’t visit her at the institute (although I will do at the first opportunity), I completed the questionnaire regarding my skin, body and hair and in a few days I received my products, which I tried and went crazy about, and I will tell you about them right now! Also, it’s worth mentioning that as soon as I opened the parcel, I was really surprised because they were all in such beautiful bottles, with a unique sense of luxury and elegant beauty. And they smelt so wonderful, more than you can ever imagine…….

Moisturising facial cleansing lotion with banana and vanilla.

It’s needless to say that, since it’s made with banana and vanilla, you understand that at first you want to eat it! I should point out that I’m not the kind of girl that likes to use a cleanser to remove my makeup, but that I prefer to use a gel facial wash! This was so gentle though and so effective that I used all of it!! And not only that, it also left my skin smelling of banana which I am crazy about!

Cleansing liquid gel suitable for sensitive skin, foamless, with glycerine, aloe and castor oil.

Although, as I said I prefer to use a gel facial wash to cleanse my face, this particular product enthused me the least, I can’t say it cleansed my face as deeply as I wanted it to!

24-hour face cream for hydration and radiance with vitamin E, and bergamot and argan oil.

A lovely cream, quite thick (should be kept in the fridge because of its natural ingredients), very moisturising and this too has a really nice scent! As a day cream, sometimes it was very good, but other times it was a bit heavy, but as a night cream by using it generously it was lovely. My skin was completely moisturised and truly radiant!! If a sun protection factor could be added, I would buy it for sure….

And I have more……

Moisturising facial serum for sensitive skin with red veins, with rose, aloe and calendula.

A thin serum that smells of roses and is absorbed directly by the skin, without feeling greasy…. So light, and such a lovely feeling whilst applying it but also afterwards! And this too is going on the next shopping list!

Nourishing hair oil for dry hair ends, with castor oil, bay leaf oil, mountain tea and sage.

I have occasionally tried many hair oils to avoid getting split ends, and I often use olive oil with honey. But this oil really hydrated my hair ends! After shampooing, the result was visible that my hair was softer and you could clearly see that the hair ends were fully hydrated!

Body oil against cellulite and localised fat with cinnamon and pine.

I’m going to talk again about the scent first, it is so distinct that you feel that it awakens your senses. I can’t say how effective it is because I only used it for a relatively short period of time, but I can say for sure that it firms and tones the skin!!

Soothing gel for after shaving, with aloe, lavender and calendula (for my husband).

Perfect scent and a very good moisturiser, particularly soothing after shaving!! My husband really liked it and he uses it on a daily basis!

They deserve a place in my bathroom.

First of all, I’ve come to the conclusion that I select and prefer products based on their fragrance first. But these particular ones left me speechless! I didn’t expect to get so excited about them!

So hurry up and become a member of Dimitra Goula’s website here, and complete the skin diagnostic questionnaire without fail!!

Dimitra is offering gifts to the members of Fairy Make-Up Tales and I will give you all the details in a new post tomorrow which will also mean the start of the Giveaway!!

Stay tuned Fairy-Girls…. Have you ever tried any other products like these that drove you crazy with their naturalness and their fragrances?

Many kisses from Smiley Fairy {oo} Mary!