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Dimitra Goula’s natural cosmetics!

September 28th, 2013. Posted in “Facial Skincare”. Comments: 2 comments

Have you ever tried fresh, handmade, personalised cosmetic products? Well, the time has come for you to try some! We also tried Dimitra Goula’s natural cosmetics for the first time. They really are very effective, with incredible fragrances and amazing textures! We used four of the company’s products and they really were very good. We mustn’t forget to tell you that Dimitra Goula can make cosmetics exclusively for you, by simply completing a questionnaire, so she can determine your skin’s needs! So we completed the skin diagnostic questionnaire, and we then received products especially made for us, so that we could try them and give you our opinion!!

So let’s now go to the products that we received and used, beginning with me (Popi)

My Handmade lightweight moisturising night cream

A lightweight moisturising night cream for combination skin, with aloe vera, beeswax, propolis, vitamin E, and rosemary and pine essential oils. It provides nourishment and firmness to the skin. A moisturising face cream is an absolute must for beauty. It doesn’t matter what skin type you have or how old you are, you have to moisturise your skin. It’s easy to do, it makes you feel nice and of course it’s necessary for the maintenance of healthy skin. Creams that are made up of highly concentrated plant oils and nutrients are also called night creams. The reality is that I really liked it, it provides the hydration that it promises to and leaves the skin rich with the nutrients that it needs. It spreads and is absorbed easily by the skin without a trace of oiliness. It also smells wonderful, like something that comes from your kitchen….

My Handmade Body Oil – for skin firming, with essential oils.

Body oil for firming the skin with pine and marjoram essential oils. The truth is that the amount of oil that I had at my disposal wasn’t enough for me to say that I saw a huge difference, I can say however, that I tried an oil that I fell in love with. It was just what I needed for after my shower because I absolutely love body oils. It left my skin feeling very, very soft and moisturised for hours, and of course this also smelt wonderful!

My Handmade Face Serum

Face serums are low molecular weight preparations in the form of a gel or dry plant oils, which have the ability to penetrate the deep layers of our skin and to regenerate it from the inside out. They complement daily skin care, providing it with additional elements, according to the needs of the skin. They should always be applied before your day or night cream, and they strengthen their action. Face serums can be used on any skin type and at any age. I think that this is the first time that I’ve used a face serum and I must say that I am very happy with it. It is easily absorbed, almost immediately, and it lays the basis for my face cream to be absorbed better. I like its crystal texture and of course this product also has a lovely fragrance!

My Handmade Body Oil

However strange it might sound, moisturising body oils are more easily absorbed than creamy moisturisers because they have a very low molecular weight and they penetrate easier into the skin cells. Body oils are amazing conveyors of essential oils, something which is very helpful when making highly concentrated formulas for cellulite, moisturisers, localised fat etc. I (Vaso) don’t particularly like body oils because I thought that they make skin oily and leave it feeling sticky! But after having tried this product I completely changed my mind about body oils. Because of the low molecular weight mentioned above, it is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave any trace of oil. I simply love it!

These are the handmade cosmetics that we tried from Dimitra Goula and we thank her very much. You can find advice and tips, information and Dimitra Goula’s books, which are really worth reading, on the below site:


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