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Review: My Handmade Beauty by Dimitra Goula

Hello beauties! How are you?

Today we’d like to talk to you about our experience with personalised natural cosmetics.

My Handmade Beauty by Dimitra Goula…

For those of you who don’t already know her, Dimitra Goula is a superb beautician with specialisations in natural beauty therapies, botany, aromatherapy, classical aesthetics and cosmetology. Today, she is a very distinguished beautician in the field of beauty and she runs her own beauty institute, DG Beauty Studio in the centre of Athens.

We had the pleasure and the opportunity to try some samples of the personalised natural cosmetics “My Hand Made Beauty”. By completing the skin diagnostic questionnaire according to our skin and hair type and to the needs that we have, Dimitra prepared handmade, natural cosmetics especially for us.

She prepared 3 samples for us each to try, and after having used them till now, we decided to share our opinions and impressions with you…

Face Cream

Moisturising face cream which repairs expression lines, with aloe vera, jasmine essential oil and vitamin E.

Sophia says: I have normal/combination skin but which is also sensitive, and I wanted a rich moisturising cream, as this is what my skin needs, and this particular cream fulfilled my needs. It moisturises the skin in depth leaving if feeling very smooth, almost velvety. I also have the impression that it made my skin look more radiant. A rich texture with a really lovely fragrance, it only needs a few minutes until it is completely absorbed, and it doesn’t leave your face looking shiny. I like to use it at night, just before I go to bed, for extra care and nourishment for my skin.

Face Serum

Face serum for radiance, fights expression lines, with rose (anti-wrinkle and moisturising action), aloe vera (moisturising action) and vitamin E (antioxidant action).

Despina says: It moisturised my skin equally as well, and I noticed after having used it a few times that my skin looked more radiant and I think it also felt firmer. It has a really lovely fragrance, something like a rose Turkish delight, and its thin texture allows it to be absorbed immediately by the skin.

Face Peeling

Facial exfoliant with apricot kernels, aloe vera and lavender (regeneration, toning).

Despina says: the apricot kernels that it contains are adequate enough to provide an intense exfoliation, and although you can feel them on your skin, they don’t scratch you. As I said, it provides an intense exfoliation, it removes dead cells and leaves the skin absolutely clean. The aloe vera and the lavender that it contains simultaneously care for the skin and do not aggravate it. Its scent is relatively strong, without being unpleasant because of the ingredients that it contains.

Hair Oil

Oil for dehydrated hair with bay leaf oil (shine, repair), castor oil (hydration, nutrition), mountain tea (strengthening) and sage essential oil.

Sophia says: I cannot say enough about this oil.

Bay leaf and castor oil are very well-known for the results that they have on hair. We pretty much all know this.

Use this oil before shampooing your hair by applying some to the hair ends, and allow it to work for 30 minutes (or more is even better in my opinion) and then have your shower.

This is how I used it on my hair which is dry and damaged, and the result was soft, shiny hair with hydrated hair ends. It rinses off easily while shampooing and it has a pleasant, discreet scent, distinctive of bay leaf.

Body Serum against cellulite

Body serum against cellulite and localised fat with ivy oil, aloe vera, grapefruit essential oil (fat-burner) and bergamot (detoxification).

Sophia says: First of all, I liked the fruity, pleasant smell of this, with a sharp scent of grapefruit and bergamot. Use it on clean skin, by spreading some to the problem areas, and by lightly massaging at the same time. From the sample that I tried I can say that I saw an improvement in the appearance of the skin (where there was cellulite), that it was more smooth and firm. I believe that for sure, by using it systematically and continuously, the results will be even more visible. It’s also pleasant that it is absorbed directly by the skin.

Body Serum against stretch marks

Body serum against stretch marks, with aloe vera (moisturising), vitamin A (cell renewal), yarrow oil (regeneration), rosemary (oxygenation).

Despina says: This particular serum is for the treatment of stretch marks and we use it in the same way as the serum against cellulite. Spread some on the problem areas, always on clean skin, and lightly massage. The difference is, is that it has a stronger smell, which is due to the rosemary and its other ingredients. This serum is also absorbed directly by the skin. Now as to its effectiveness, while I was using it, I noticed that the stretch marks were not as intense as they were before. They haven’t disappeared (something which I believe isn’t feasible), but they are not as strongly visible as they were.

Also, we mustn’t forget to mention the immaculate glass containers (bottles/jars) that the samples came in, rather than the usual disposable samples. So we were able to take advantage of all of the product and use it quite a few times. The only disadvantage is, is that they are quite pricey…

They are a good investment though, if you want handmade products made with natural ingredients, and prepared according to the needs of your skin and hair.

All of the products are free from preservatives, excipients, colourings and perfume, and they are made with organic ingredients. You can find all of the products at www.dimitragoula.gr

That’s all from us!

Give us your opinion about how you found them…