Give your skin the water and vitamins it needs. When our skin is properly hydrated and has the necessary nutrients it looks healthy, youthful and shiny. The ability of the skin to retain on its own the necessary water elements decreases over time from the age of 18 years. Essentially, hydration is the most important and first anti-aging prevention treatment that we all have to apply with the right products and beauty treatments to maintain moisture in our cells. Proper nourishment of the skin with age-appropriate nutrients comes immediately after hydration to enhance skin's natural defenses and complete proper prevention of aging of the epidermis.

Recommended Treatments

  • Acupuncture

  • Aloe vera therapy – facial treatment for very sensitive skin

  • Cryotherapy

Recommended Products

  • Enzyme peeling – 120ml

    with papaya and agar agar

  • Face mask for deep hydration – 120ml

    with rose and calendula

  • Gentle cleansing soap – 120ml

    with almond and aloe

  • Hydrating lotion – 120ml

    with rose

  • Soothing Beef – 60ml

    with rose oil and propolis

  • Soothing Cream For Roses – 60ml

    with rose