Rosacea, with or without inflammation, is a skin autoimmune (vascular hypersensitivity) that currently afflicts a huge percentage of the population. The treatment offers us an absolute cure, relieves the feeling of heat and intolerance, strengthens the vessel lining and makes the skin more resistant to the external factors that activate the disease (cold, heat, sun, air, diet).

Recommended Treatments

  • Aloe vera therapy – facial treatment for very sensitive skin

  • Cryotherapy

Recommended Products

  • 3 Phase Multivitamin Mask – 120ml

    with prickly pear, beeswax, lavender and sandalwood

  • Gentle cleansing soap – 120ml

    with almond and aloe

  • Hydrating lotion – 120ml

    with rose and hyaluronic

  • Light sunscreen for face SPF 30 – 60ml

    with coconut extract and vanilla

  • Natural make up – 30ml

    with wild olive oil and cocoa

  • Soothing beeswax ointment night cream – 60ml

    with calendula and zinc

  • Therapeutic face cream for rosacea – 60ml

    with zinc and vit. Β