Rosacea, with or without inflammation, is a skin autoimmune (vascular hypersensitivity) that currently afflicts a huge percentage of the population. The treatment offers us an absolute cure, relieves the feeling of heat and intolerance, strengthens the vessel lining and makes the skin more resistant to the external factors that activate the disease (cold, heat, sun, air, diet).

We would like to inform you that from the moment someone uses the full range of rosacea, they immediately start to feel relief, the feeling of heat is immediately reduced, while in 1 month of application, there is a reduction in redness on the skin until it reaches complete healing.

We understand that people dealing with autoimmune Rosacea have tried many classical and alternative treatments without any significant results and that is why they now come to us, very wary and disappointed. Working for 20 years on this issue with a holistic approach and having complete confidence in the results of our treatments and products for Rosacea, we want to inform you that holistic products have a completely different effect than those containing preservatives and permeability enhancers. For this reason, it is not good to combine them with any other product, to see the result they promise and can offer. If you really want to treat Rosacea in our holistic way, which promises total healing, you need to use our entire range.

We do not recommend that you buy a single product because you will not get the result you want and that we know we can give you.

However, because we understand the reluctance to use new products and because we are confident that our products will help and relieve you immediately, you have the option to purchase a range of 9 samples that includes the complete range of rosacea (worth €30), so that you can feel the full effect of our treatment at home before making your complete purchase.

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