We all know that sex is good for you, but year by year, new beneficial advantages are continuously being discovered with regards to sex.

Sex can replace working out. It is a pleasant aerobic exercise. For example, having sex 3 times a week, for one year, burns more calories than by doing a 75-mile run, according to the Kinsey Institute. We lose about 5 kilos a year from having sex. Furthermore, sex strengthens the bones and tones the muscles.

It makes you look radiant. The results and benefits of sex can be seen in our appearance. According to research done at the Edinburgh hospital in 1999, an active sexual life can make us look years younger. Sex increases blood circulation in your body and pumps fresh oxygen into the skin tissues.

It puts you in a positive mood. It stimulates the production of the endorphin hormone in the brain, which makes you feel happy and helps to eliminate stress, strengthening your immune system. Latest research shows that people (especially women) who have been deprived of sex during their lives, are more likely to suffer chronic depression.

It regulates blood pressure and body temperature. During sex, a hormone is secreted which creates a strong emotional bond between the couple, while the intensity which is expended plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure and body temperature, and it also has an analgesic effect.

When you feel better, you look better. Another benefit associated with sexual activity is that it makes the hair and skin look healthier and more radiant.

It regulates the hormones. Research has shown that a healthy sex life helps to regulate the hormones in the body. Our hormones directly affect our physiological functioning, as well as our psychological state of mind. It has been observed that many teenagers suffering from severe acne due to a hormone imbalance, saw a considerable improvement in their skin once they became sexually active.

Good sex equals good skin. The relevance between the quality of your sexual life and the quality of your skin is quite amazing. It seems that a little action between the sheets can do miracles, as it gives the skin a special glow. According to psychological evidence, sex has the same benefits as spending a week at a luxury spa. When the body temperature is raised, harmful toxins are expelled, the heartrate increases and blood is supplied to the skin, especially to the face. Blood not only carries vital oxygen, but also all of the nutrients needed for the skin to revitalise.

The result is toned and firmer collagen and elastin fibres of the skin, while the endorphins that are secreted during sex can make us look as beautiful as we feel!

(Published in the newspaper “METRO”)