Skin Transfer System

  • Why choose this treatment? The Skin Transfer System is a dual facial hydration and nutrition treatment with aquaporins, based on the 2003 Nobel in Chemistry. It provides a complete treatment method, which combats the two main factors that cause dry skin: dehydration (inadequate water) and poor nutrition (inadequate lipids).
  • How is it done? The Skin Transfer System combines the two below axes:
  • Sphingolipids – A particular group of skin lipids (fats) that facilitate the repair of skin tissue, and are necessary for the skin as they contribute to its regeneration.
  • Aquaporins – Naturally present on the skin’s surface, they are molecules that form microscopic channels, which facilitate the circulation of water. In this way, they increase the flow which is necessary to maintain a satisfactory level of moisture in the skin.
  • How much does it cost? €80.00
  • How long does it take? 60 minutes, once a week, for 4 sessions.
  • Where can you have it done? At the DG Beauty Studio, 18-20 Tsoha Street, Athens (Subway Ambelokipi), tel., 2106421031.