Toning lotion for radiance with orange essential oil

A lotion that tones the skin while the orange essential oil adds fragrance and radiance to the skin. The vitamin C in the orange essential oil tones the collagen of the skin, boosts the skin’s defence and breaks down brown spots (age spots), providing a beautiful, even-coloured and radiant looking skin.

You will need 50 ml of rosewater and the peel of one orange.

Pour the rosewater into a glass bowl. Peel the orange and slowly fold the peel with your fingertips, so that the cloud of essential oils that is emitted from the orange peel is directed towards the bowl. The rosewater will now have a golden colour and a delightful fragrant aroma of orange.



Store the lotion in a nice glass bottle with a regular or spray cap and label it. The lotion keeps in the fridge for 25 days.


Apply the lotion with some cotton wool or by lightly spraying, toning the skin morning and evening, after your normal facial cleansing.

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