Make your own very powerful oil for cellulite and localised fat reduction.

Skincare benefits

Powerful heat rub, stimulates blood circulation, activating the breakdown of fats and detoxifying the skin.


30% dried rosemary

30% lightly crushed black pepper

30% cinnamon sticks

30% dried chamomile


Place the above ingredients in a glass, ovenproof dish in equal proportions, and add enough pure olive oil so that there is 2cm of oil above the mixture. Cover the dish with aluminium foil with the matt side facing upwards. Leave in the oven for 8 hours at 60 degrees.

Drain the oil and store in a dark cupboard for 4 days, lightly stirring it 1-2 times a day.

Your oil is ready! Lightly massage on wet skin every night after you shower.

Caution! This oil is a very powerful heat rub so do not use it on spider veins or open wounds. I will provide another recipe for these cases.