O2 Oxygen Facial Treatment

This is a treatment that provides oxygen to the skin cells and gives you a radiant and revitalized skin.

The treatment is applied with nettle extract that enhances the blood circulation to the skin, as well as with natural aloe and lavender serums which penetrate the heart of cells with an ultrasound machine and special stroking in order to offer moisturizing and regenerating results to the skin. The spirulina mask completes the treatment offering the skin nourishment, minerals and trace elements.

The active ingredients of the treatment are natural nettle extract, organic aloe Vera, pure essential oil of lavender and Greek SPIRULINA (the most nutrient rich seaweed).

For information, prices and appointments for all treatments applied to Dimitra Goula Boutique Institute please contact me at the e-mail info@dimitragoula.gr

or at the phone number: 210-6421031

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