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Healing properties and uses

The most noteworthy therapeutic value of sage is that it prevents sweating (this action starts 2 hours after taking the drink and can last for several days).

It also has antibiotic, antifungal, antispasmodic and hypoglycemic action.

It stops milk production, it is antiseptic, spasmolytic, tonic, antidiarrheal and has an estrogenic effect.

It has mucolytic activity (cough, sinusitis).

As astringent, stimulating and stimulating, it induces heat in the stomach, facilitates digestion, causes diuresis, accelerates circulation, exerts a significant effect on the brain and as an anticonvulsant and sedative medicine, mitigates nervous system irritation.

It is the strongest proestrogenic herb, therefore useful in the symptoms of menopause and dysmenorrhea (menopause), especially in sweating.

Sage in the form of a beverage is ideal for oral treatment in case of injuries, pruritus, pharyngitis and gingivitis.

Stimulates nerves, adrenal glands, and circulatory system. It is recommended for any form of atony and weakness, nervous weakness, tremor, vertigo and neuralgia.

It works against sugar, rheumatism, gout and diarrhea.

Sage, thanks to the action of antioxidants, has the ability to dampen free radicals that are produced in humans by various mechanisms and responsible for many chronic diseases.

It stimulates and revitalizes the tired and aching muscles. Relieves cramps.
The oil or dried leaves are added to the hot water and become gargle. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and provides a relaxing feeling on the neck.

Sage (mainly essential oil) improves memory and process of information processing. According to a research published in the Journal of Pharmacological Biochemical Behavior, it has been found that people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease should have sage in their diet.

It is said to exacerbate the intellect and particularly the insidiousness.
Other uses

Helps to bite the mosquitoes and wasps, rubbing with the fresh leaves of sage, the irritated spot.

It is beneficial for hair if it is used in rinse.

In cooking it is used for the aromatization of various fodder, food and wine while the beekeeping plant is also considered to provide high quality herbs.

The infusate sage foot bath cools and exerts deodorizing action.

Improves the color of dark and gray hair. It stimulates and gives glow to the dry and sensitive hair.

It is astringent, like a mask on the face.

As a cosmetic is recommended for oily skins, as a mask for deep cleansing of the face and as a steam bath.

Its antioxidant effect makes it useful in the food industry as it is conservative and replaces synthetic preservatives in the production and packaging industries of cheese, vegetables, processed foods and soft drinks.

Sage is also used in perfumery.

Its taste is quite peppery and fits a lot with fat meats and cheeses. It also fits with fish and seafood.

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