Natural Shampoo Pure Baby – 220ml

with olive oil and bitter almond

2-in-1 shampoo and bubble bath for babies and children with green soap. This product respects your baby’s sensitive skin. It does not impair the skin’s pH, which needs to be continuously balanced as your baby’s skin develops a better defense system in relation to its new environment. It gently moisturizes and cleans the baby’s skin and hair, and also treats dry skin and redness on the baby’s head. The lavender essential oil, in addition to healing and treating sensitive skin, also relaxes the nervous system and provides your baby with a better and more peaceful sleep.

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Green soap, chamomile oil, lavender essential oil.

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It is recommended that the first 3-5 minutes of the bath put your baby in pure water with a little body oil Pure Baby so you can clean his face without getting into his eyes and mouth of soap. In the last minutes before taking it out, after you have rubbed your baby with plain water, add a little shampoo – a shower gel along with a shower of water – and lightly massage the body and its hair for 1 minute taking care not to go to the eyes and churn. Rinse with plenty of water.

Attention – Soap for non-tingling babies contains a chemical component that anaeses the nerves on the surface of the eye. Better to avoid them.

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Συντηρείται στο ψυγείο! Διάρκεια προϊόντος: 3 μήνες

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Pure Baby


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